Orion 60 - Ceiling - Tecno-Gaz industries
Art. LC102LRB
160,000 Lux

Orion 60 - Ceiling


Why Orion 60?
With 81 elliptical reflectors divided into 9 modules, each containing 9 LEDs.
The lamp lens guarantees perfectly focussed lighting, i.e. without the need to focus the light every time the dome is moved.
The light is pre-focused at different distances (from 80 cm to 200 cm).
With the E-View system, the surgeon can adjust the extent of the illuminated field to obtain the correct light for each surgical procedure.
The light structure of the lamp makes for easy handling and good stability.


The membrane keyboard controls activate the following functions:
• Colour temperature (5000°K or 4500°K)
• Brightness control (up to 160 Klx)
• Field lighting adjustment
• On/Off switch
• EndoLed, a special type of light to facilitate endoscopic operations.

The surgeon can select the exact brightness and colour temperature required. The modular construction of the electronic board that feeds the LEDs guarantees continuous light, even in the unlikely event of LED or board component failure.
Smooth 360° rotation with slip-ring contacts for power transmission.

During endoscopic surgery, it is possible to activate EndoLed for environmental lighting. This function permits lighting only one module and regulating light intensity and colour temperature.

Cold light
Thermal radiation increase in the operating field is proportional to the quantity and to the power of LEDs used. Tecno-Gaz, thanks to the indirect light concept, only a few LEDs.

For specific surgeries, such as:
• Thoracic surgery
• Abdominal surgery
• Caesarean section
an enlarged lighting field with higher lighting intensity is necessary. E-View (Extended-View) additional optics can increase the illuminated field up to 32 cm with 6000 Lux light intensity on the external margin, keeping light intensity unchanged.

Indirect light, the main feature of Pentaled lamps, guarantees the surgeon a cold, penetrating but comfortable light thanks to the use of a path designed to reflect all LED lighting rays with no dispersion on the operating field.
This allows for:
• Reduction of the number of LEDs used.
• Reduction of operating field temperature.
With the indirect light principle, the surgeon and assistants are never disturbed by light and can operate without eyestrain or glare.

Nature has inspired all human discoveries!
The sun is the main light source and its rays have monochromatic light emission, with uniform colouring. Based on this concept, Tecno-Gaz has designed its lamps with only white LEDs to avoid any alteration of colour temperature on the operating field and undesired shadow effects.

O-Deep (Deep light)
The centre of the lamp has an extra 9-LED module with specially designed parabolic dishes that reflect penetrating light.
O-deep means the surgeon can operate with perfect 3D lighting, especially in cavities.


Technical Features