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Sedazione cosciente in odontoiatria

Sedation machine

 Sedation machine

Wall-mounted solution

Master Flux Plus wall-mounted solution

Analgesia:       Analgesia is a technique in use for many years in the United States, Canada and various European countries. The controlled administration of oxygen and nitrous oxide by inhalatory route induces a relaxed feeling, reducing emotional stress. Anxiety and pain perception are reduced, increasing the amenability of the patient and facilitating collaboration with the physician, while maintaining the vital reflexes unaltered. Analgesia has no undesired effects and only general contraindications.   Paediatric dentistry Children tend to suffer most from the problem of “dental anxiety”, which often manifests itself in a total lack of collaboration. The dentist is therefore subjected to inconvenience and loss of time. Conscious sedation resolves this problem, by saving time and facilitating the work of the dental staff. New masks available in sizes 1 - 2 - 3 - 4   The disabled Very difficult kind of patient.

Master Flux

Master Flux complete resuscitation kit

Balloon, mask and hose with fitting.


Rubber balloon

Masterflux rubber balloon

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