Reducing size and consumption

Compact size for high performance

Over the years, Tecno-Gaz has designed and developed products and solutions, proving itself increasingly attentive to the needs of dental and medical professionals. The latest addition is the ONYX 6, an autoclave with unique features and characteristics that fully meets the daily instrument sterilization needs of clinics. Its modern design allows it to be adapted to any type of sterilization room.
 The ONYX 6 is the new autoclave model added to the ONYX range.

A concentrate of technology

Like the whole ONYX range ONYX 6 mounts high quality components such as Thomas Gardner Denver vacuum pumps and Parker solenoid valves that guarantee great reliability and durability.

Time saving

Load capacity +20% compared to conventional tray holders.

Easy mode settings

New assisted door calibration system. Simple and precise settings adjustment.

Energy saving

The preheating and temperature maintenance system ensures shorter cycle times and lower power consumption.

IoT. Internet of things.

ONYX 6 is an autoclave with IOT interface that allows real-time saving of sterilization cycle data and easy viewing by activating the IOT license on our portal. You will benefit from many other advantages such as online assistance, access to documentation and videos.

Connected devices owned by the user

Data issued by the device

Digital receipt (Cycle number, T1, T2, P1, Time, Serial number)
Data acquisition from SD-CARD
Print an encrypted PDF receipt

Substitutive filing of the receipt for 10 years

User interface platform with daily calendar where you can view the cycle list

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The ideal solution
is in the range

A model to suit every requirement of the dental studio

Autoclave is the key device within each medical structure, therefore it is fundamental choosing a well-known and referenced product which can rely on a widespread network of technical support. ONYX B is the new Tecno-Gaz autoclaves line, a world leading company for many years.

Onyx B 5.0


  • Type B loads
  • 650W for all cycle
  • Max. charge 5 kg

Onyx B 6.0


  • Type B loads
  • 650W for all cycle
  • Max. charge 6 kg    

Onyx B 7.0


  • Type B loads
  • 650W for all cycle
  • Max. charge 7 kg


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Less space, more safety

The main feature of ONYX 6 is its compact size. In fact ONYX 6 has a depth of just 62 cm and can be placed very close to a wall, thanks to its side ventilation systems, which allow it to be placed even on standard 60 cm cabinets.

Space saving

The ONYX 6 has a depth of only 620 mm.

Ventilation system

Its side ventilation system allows the ONYX 6 to be placed close to a wall.

SD card

Traceability is ensured by saving data on an SD card and by the option of connecting a Tecno-Print label printer.

P.I.D. System

PID system ensures constant control over the autoclave parameters and automatic technical interventions in the event of simple errors.

Compact, but with 20% more load capacity
thanks to the new 5-element tray holder

The ONYX 6 is supplied with a circular tray holder and five trays, increasing the load capacity by approximately 20% compared to conventional tray holders.

Thanks to the newly designed tray holder, the ONYX 6 allows you to streamline the load according to your needs, while ensuring increased capacity compared to the past.

4 or 5 trays
Circular tray holder with two or three wider trays in the center
Capacity increased by 20%
Large loading capacity for surgical and examination cassettes

4 cassettes DIN 290x184x34 mm
2 cassettes 1/4 DIN 72x184x34 mm
* DIN cassettes are not supplied by Tecno-Gaz.

3 trays 380x17x210 mm
2 trays 380x17x185 mm

Door calibration

The new assisted door calibration system allows settings to be adjusted more easily and accurately by the operator.

Sterilization cycles

The correct cycle for each requirement.

Flexibility is fundamental to rationalise working and create operative efficiency. ONYX 6 autoclaves offer a wide range of cycles all studied to help you every day. 7 sterilization cycles + 3 test cycles..

  • 121°C
  • 134°C
  • 134°C
  • 134°C
  • 134°C
  • 134°C
    Prion Fast
  • 134°C
  • Helix
  • Bowie & Dick
  • Vacuum

Water loading

With the ONYX 6, you can choose different ways of loading water. There is an inlet at the top of the autoclave for top loading and an inlet at the front using a suction system. The ONYX 6 can also be connected to the water mains via the Pura Plus osmosis system.

Top water loading

Water can be loaded manually via the tank on top of the autoclave.

Front water loading

Water can be loaded using the front suction system.

Osmosis system Pura Plus

The Pura Plus osmosis system allows an autonomy of about 800 cycles directly connected to the water mains.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions - WxHxD 474 x 497 x 620 mm
Weight 64 Kg
Power supply 230 V - 50/60 HZ
Absorption max. 2,2 kW
Chamber diameter 245 mm
Chamber depth 430 mm

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