Enter the digital age as a protagonist

Compact Dental Machine milling machines. No compromise.
Superior quality and reliability.

The new A6 Dental Machine range has been designed to meet the needs of dental technicians for a compact milling machine that does not compromise the industrial construction logic that has always made our milling machine models stand out. The unrivalled quality of the materials used, and the latest generation electro/mechanical components built in, make the A6 a true masterpiece to add to the range.

The ideal solution is in the range

A model to suit every requirement of the digital laboratory.

Creating a range of products means thinking about one’s customers and their needs, and it was with this in mind that the A6 line was created. Not just equipment, but a solution to every demand, developed to help and facilitate the work and production of dental laboratories. The A6 range emerged to meet the needs of professionals wishing to be part of the digital age without compromising the outstanding performance for which the high-end Dental Machine systems are known.


Designed to adapt as you do

  • 5-axis compact milling system
  • 0.4 W JAGER pneumatic spindle
  • 11 tools with automatic recognition and change
  • Complete with Cam
  • Dry or wet processing
    (System available upon request)


For the advanced user

  • 5-axis compact milling system
  • JAGER 0.55 kw electro-pneumatic spindle
  • 11 tools with automatic recognition and change
  • Complete with Cam
  • Dry or wet processing
    (System available upon request)


Power concentrated

  • 5-axis compact milling system
  • JAGER 0.55 kw electro-pneumatic spindle
  • 11 tools with automatic recognition and change
  • Complete with Cam
  • Dry or wet processing


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At the heart of a digital ecosystem designed for you!

Maximum productivity, maximum control, maximum sharing. Your A6 is designed to work in an increasingly digital world, with remote access to any function using a simple smartphone, tablet or PC, just as if you were standing next to the machine. These features of the A6 guarantee excellent productivity and safety.

App Dental Machine Remote Control

For remote access to the machine to check all functions and production status.

Live chat on Telegram
with your A6

You can access your milling machine from your phone and receive real-time Information using the free App Telegram®.

Cloud Backup
Dental Machine

Operating and calibration parameter settings automatically saved for maximum security.


Advanced alarm functions with text-message or email alerts for real-time notification of operating problems.

Why choose the A6?

Compact and rational design

Tabletop machine, designed for soft materials.

Built to work hard... with soft materials

Solid steel structure for maximum stability (150 Kg).

All the control you need

Optimized strategies for 5-axis continuous milling on all materials.

High-end mechanical components

Cartesian movements with ground screws and recirculating ball bushings.

Super-optimized operation

11-position automatic tool change.

Indisputable quality

Jäger high frequency driven spindle, 0.4 kW or 0.55 kW and 60,000 rpm for 3 mm tool shank.

Jäger electrospindle

60.000 rpm - 0,4 or 0,55Kw – Torque: 8 Ncm

Precision and Repeatability

The A6 also makes use of spindles made by Jäger, a market-leading German manufacturer: a guarantee of quality, performance and durability for optimal milling at both low rpm and high speeds. The deciding factor is the torque of this electro-spindle (8Ncm). This makes the A6 powerful even at 20,000 rpm. This sets it part from other electrospindles that must operate at very high speeds, which are not always necessary (or appropriate in some cases). High rotation speeds can also burn the tool and significantly compromise its service life.

Single-pieceAluminium block casting

Solidity e Stability

The structure is obtained from the casting of a single aluminium block instead of assembled sheets. Its solidity is a crucial factor in terms of stability during milling, leading to higher quality, more refined processing and extending the service life of the tools.

  • Streamlined design to facilitate cleaning of the chamber
  • Reduced vibration, longer service life of mechanical components
  • Better machine assembly, fewer errors, less maintenance
  • Significant reduction in wearing of the mill due to increased stability

Superior quality and immediately ready for operation

Plug and Play: plug it in and start using it immediately

Its small size means that it can be installed in any room in the laboratory and placed in any working environment.

Movement on ground steel screws

The linear axes are driven by ground recirculating ball screws with preload, directly driven by high frequency motors to ensure lasting precision and durability. Continuously lubricated, thus significantly reducing maintenance.

5 Axes

Today, any laboratory wishing to participate in the milling sector must be equipped with 5-axis technology. The fifth axis makes it possible to replicate undercut areas and handle machining operations that have no parallel axis. (Virtually 90% of daily machining operations). 5 axes means being potentially able to mill any type of processing.

Digital: an opportunity you can’t miss.

Perfect integration into the internal and external digital flow

70% of dental prostheses in Italy are made digitally, but only 20% of laboratories have an internal milling unit. There is a risk that outsourcing your production will become unsustainable due to continually shrinking margins, more pressing delivery times and the advent of the digital imprint, which is now increasingly significant in Italian dental practices. These factors may put pressure on laboratories that do not create their own “digital autonomy”. Most importantly, acquiring expertise in this field also means being able to provide advice to dental practices, thus building customer loyalty by sharing digital security and knowledge.

Having an internal milling machine helps you function as a market player and avoid being at the mercy of the general trend (which can also mean taking responsibility for the delays and errors of others). You have definite costs and delivery times, with the possibility of using new materials and thereby keeping up with the times.

Optimised for milling pre-milled material

Enter the world of metal with A6*  and pre-milled material

In the dental CAD/CAM sector a pre-milled refers to a titanium or chromium-cobalt block with a pre-machined engagement, from which a personalised abutment is obtained by milling. It combines industrial precision in the engagement with the versatility of digital dental technology in producing the shape of the abutment.

The Pre-milled material makes it possible to produce a personalised abutment with certified connection in less than 20 minutes.

*Optional on A6 PLUS


WetSmart lubrication kit

The A6 is designed for the dry milling of soft materials, but the optional WetSmart milling lubrication module can be integrated at a later stage by applying it beneath the milling machine (7 cm thickness), in order to expand the range of workable materials for which a lubrication system is indispensable, such as glass ceramics.


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