Art. 3MEDF0005
First level diagnostic Kit

Kit Diagnostic Control



In every protocols for the opening of post-Covid 19 dental practices there is an obligation to preventively check some vital parameters of patients and operators, for this Tecno-Gaz has studied a first level diagnostic control kit, gathered in a practical transportable bag.
The kit contains devices of high professional diagnostic value, specifically designed for the medical / dental field.
The kit consists of the following devices:
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Carrying bag
Vital test is a professional pulse oximeter designed for use in the dental field.
Very high level product in the Tecno-Gaz range for years:
it allows the measurement of oximetry (oxygen  concentration in the blood), heart rate, frequency and plesmographic wave.

Simple and full of functions, it can be supplied with a special support, designed to be fixed to a dental unit, wall or stand.

Intuitive, easy-to-view LDC display with dual function, spot control or constant SPO2 and heart rate control.

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      Tecno-IR is a professional no-touch infrared thermometer.

It is able to detect the temperature of a person at a distance of up to 5cm from the body surface, quickly and accurately (precision +/- 0.1°) thanks to its infrared sensor.

After pointing the terminal at a distance of 3-5 cm, just the push of a button is enough and TECNO IR detects the temperature instantly and accurately without the need for any contact.
The temperature is read on the backlit multifunction display. The device has a dashboard for managing up to 32 memories.
Small size and extremely easy to use device, it allows you to quickly measure the temperature of all the staff and of the various patients who access the dental practice.


  • Blood Pressure Monitor

Thanks to the use of the most innovative and comfortable inflation measurement technology, the motion detection functions during measurement, arrhythmia detection, average of the last three measurements, but also important accessories such as the increased bracelet for use on diameters from 22 to 42cm, the device is simple and immediate to use but with top-level performance and equipment.

Fully automatic in measuring and recording results, it has an extremely intuitive and essential user interface, so that you can independently measure your blood pressure in a simple and comfortable way, with consequent improvement in the reliability of the data, detected by the device using the oscillometric method.
The device's inflationary technology works by inflating the cuff to a value just enough to detect blood pressure and heart rate, thus identifying the Diastolic pressure value first, then continues with a gradual inflation until the Systolic pressure value is identified, immediately afterwards the inflation ends and the cuff deflation starts quickly.
With this system the measurement is extremely “comfortable”, so much so that the procedure is completed before the patient has time to perceive the cuff inflation as "constricting". The oversized cuff makes the product immediately usable over a wide dimensional range of the measuring arm, thus avoiding the purchase of an additional accessory by a good number of patients with an "important" arm size. The recording in memory of the data found by the device is automatic (up to max 60 measurements) as well as the calculation of the average value of the last 3 measurements in memory.

The device is powered by interchangeable batteries and boasts ESH Clinical Validation of Accuracy