Smart Trolleys
the intelligent furniture

A revolutionary furnishing concept.

Smart Trolley Evo. The evolution of daily efficiency with the new line of professional furnishings for dentistry. Even more efficient. Even... smarter.



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Top quality

Materials and high quality construction methods availing of the best made-in-Italy tradition.


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Visual tidiness and operativity

Smart Trolley EVO furnishings are designed to provide a professional look and immediate access to your instruments.

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Flexibility is the key

Work as you like and with total freedom of movement. Let your environment adapt to you and not the contrary.


Adaptability. The key to evolution.

The evolved technical furnishings that make you more efficient.

The Smart Trolleys project was created to make work easy and productive. The logical step was to transform furnishings perceived as simple containers, into out and out 100% operational devices. The big advantage is the "adaptability" of the trolleys, to the advantage of the dentist’s operativity, who can thus move as he pleases choosing the most suitable devices for his needs and configuring them as desired.


Intraoperative cabinet

  • It allows you to logically prepare and organise all the equipment and materials needed for the surgery.
  • Ensures that everything used is checked.
  • Easy to move around, maximum convenience.

Intraoperative cabinet with revolving tray

  • It allows you to logically prepare and organise all the equipment and materials needed for the surgery.
  • Ensures that everything used is checked.
  • Easy to move around, maximum convenience.

Electromedical cabinet

  • It allows surgical motors, piezos and other instruments to coexist easily.
  • It ensures easy control of the pedals and direct vision of the control panels.
  • It hides cables and conveys an image of tidiness and cleanliness.

Post-operative cabinet

  • Separate collection of used and potentially contaminated single-use products.
  • Pre-disinfection immersion of used instruments and surgical trays.
  • Optimisation of clinic flow thanks to the sensation of perfection transmitted to the patient.
  • Perfect management of instrument flows and optimisation of surgical room availability.


Intraoperative cabinet

Let’s get off to a good start.
Each operating area needs to provide the operator with what he needs, repeatedly and independently.

Standard version

All this finds its place in the Intraoperative Smart Trolley which, when closed, conceals everything inside, and when in the operating set-up, i.e. pulled out of its box, becomes an indispensable instrument.

Version with revolving tray

The Smart Trolley Intra model is enriched with a 4-drawer version, with a retractable and rotating tray arm, which allows tools and consumables to be brought closer to the treatment area on the assistant's side, which can be used during surgery surgery or dental treatment, avoiding unnecessary travel and saving time.

Cassetto Pre-operatorio

Modular drawers with space for instruments and materials

  • The instruments are all neat and logically arranged.
  • Professionally organised.

Instrument-holder tray

  • Works as a fully-fledged cabinet.
  • Convenient working conditions for staff.

Organisational flexibility

  • Can be configured as desired for maximum functionality.
  • Convenient working conditions for staff and maximum organisational flexibility.


Electromedical cabinet

We work as well as possible.
The amount of electro-medical equipment that dental staff use during dental procedures is significant.

The solution is the Electromedical Smart Trolley with its own centralised power supply system, modular nature and ability to accommodate bulky control pedals, becomes an indispensable functional and organisational hub.


Rear wall with space for cabling

  • No dangling cables for an impression of order and cleanliness.
  • Clinical image.

Holders for saline bags

  • Seamless integration with dynamic surgery-related instruments.
  • Convenient working conditions for staff.

Adjustable shelves

  • Direct vision on the instrument control panel.
  • Convenient working conditions for staff. Tilting shelves of reduced size but more space to accommodate bigger motors.


Post-operative cabinet

We finish the job in the best possible way.
To reduce the time spent and streamline the management of waste and contaminated material, we have developed the Smart Postoperative Trolley.

Post-operative Smart Trolley, thanks to its built-in decontamination tank and the collection compartments is the hub for collecting and sorting of infected material.


9 litre tank for disinfectant solution

  • Immediate pre-disinfection of instruments and surgical trays used.
  • Functional effectiveness.

Recycling and separate recycling bin

  • Elimination of potentially contaminated disposable products.

9 litre tank and separate bins

  • Progressive and simultaneous removal of contaminated instruments used in surgery.
  • Easy preparation of the room for the next surgery.


Sink-dispenser unit with flush

Complete your facility’s operability.
Perfect integration and practicality.

Productivity and efficiency come from optimising the many ‘simple gestures’ repeated many times a day. With the sink-dispenser unit, the dental team efficiently integrates the SmartTrolley Evo furnishing system and can count on: easy access to disposable materials and their replenishment when depleted; easy access to the waste disposal compartment with "knee" opening; high quality of mixer, materials and construction standards to reduce maintenance and simplify sanitisation.


Dispenser for disposable materials

  • Customisable housings for your disposable products for everyday use.
  • Three front slits and bottom access for napkins and cups.

Stainless steel sink applied flush with counter

  • Combines hygienic qualities of steel with the functionality of a high-strength laminate top.
  • Aesthetics and ease of sanitisation.

Knee-operated waste bins

  • Large, easily accessible compartment to keep everything tidy while working quickly.
  • Pressure opening.


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What’s new? What is better?

Safer for use in dental environments


HQ guides with detachable drawer

Smooth sliding and Soft Close mechanism (cushioned final stop to closing of the drawer). Guides are tested in continuous use by means of opening and closing cycles with a frequency of 7 cycles per minute. This test guarantees the functionality of the guides for 60,000 cycles equal to a continuous use of more than 20 years.



High quality castors

Smooth-running swivel castors with parking brake. Mounted on ball bearings with a load bearing capacity of 100 kg, thanks to their large diameter (100 mm) they are able to overcome obstacles such as: grouting, joining areas between different floors, small obstacles.



Antibacterial paint finish

The paint finish, the final element of a high quality production process, is carried out with antibacterial epoxy powders. The epoxy powder coating is tested and certified with rigorous resistance tests (scratch and accidental falling objects) to guarantee integrity of use. In addition, the high quality of the paints used prevents discolouration caused by UV radiation. This coating protects the structure from aggressive substances and prevents surface discolouration.