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Quality Management System


TECNO-GAZ pursues continuous improvement of its processes in order to adapt them to the technological evolution of applications and the specific needs required by the market: it is committed to consolidating and developing its own affirmation in the sector, through continuous improvement.

The company's objectives are the creation, application and implementation of technological tools that allow the acquisition of new market areas and the increase of company's competitiveness.

Quality is defined as a response to the customer's needs, taking care of the mandatory requirements.

This translates into:

• guarantee compliance with all requirements (mandatory and contractual);

• increase the reliability of product and service;

• increase customer satisfaction;

• develop and optimize company processes and know-how.

To achieve its target points, TECNO-GAZ provides adequate resources for:

• strengthen the level of staff competence, know how, involvement and motivation;

• favor the cultural growth of the company and the search for the cause of the problems;

• insert and train young people to maintain their competitiveness;

• ensure that the principles of quality policy are disseminated, understood and shared by all staff;

• guarantee an effective management of investments in infrastructures (structures, vehicles, plants, equipment, machines and equipment);

• ensure an adequate level of maintenance, safety and reliability of the means available;

• guarantee a positive working environment;

• maintain high performace suppliers.

The strategy to achieve the objectives is focused on:

• to achieve continuous improvement of the Quality Management and product system performance, at competitive prices and with convenient costs;

• systematically research the solution of problems;

• systematically monitor the processes, using appropriate tools, in order to obtain full satisfaction of the objectives set by TECNO-GAZ;

• consolidating the corporate;

• consolidate and increase customer confidence in company capacity.

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