Sterildocs - Tecno-Gaz industries
Art. 280-S
Autoclave test filing system



Tecno-Gaz S.p.A. has developed a new filing system called STERILDOCS.
Every owner of a medical device must periodically check that it is in working order according to procedures defined by the manufacturer, current standards or directives. For autoclaves, there are specific tests and control systems laid down by directives, regional laws and regulations. The tests certify that the equipment is valid and in working order and must be filed and, preferably, kept for 10 years of owner's liability.



STERILDOCS is a file with the following sections:

- Support section operating protocol DVDs.
- Written protocol instruction section including sterilisation tests.
- Surgery and equipment data sheet section.
- Recorded practice and autoclave data section. The paper used is watermarked, to prevent modifications or corrections.
- Filing section divided into sectors and identified by a specific graphical structure which enables user-friendly filing of each test, providing information on data, cycles, etc.
Filing is simple, rational and tidy, and allows organic management of the tests of each autoclave. 

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