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Multifunction basin: the keyword to save time while ensuring maximum safety

Multisteril Fast

Integrated system for fast preparation
for dental and medical instrument sterilisation

Several years ago, Tecno-Gaz revolutionised the sterilisation process by developing the MultiSteril multifunction system. With MultiSteril, Tecno-Gaz has proven its ability to know and interpret a sector in which it has been a leader for many years. Today, we are pleased to present MultiSteril Fast, the evolution of a system which has revolutionised and simplified a protocol, which we have transformed from a manual to a completely automatic operation.

MultiSteril Fast has been evolved, thanks to the application of new technologies ensuring a 50% reduction in treatment times (static disinfection, thermal disinfection, ultrasonic cleansing, rinsing, drying) to only 20 minutes.
A revolutionary device which your surgery can’t do without.

Multisteril Fast and the operator

  • Extraordinary Speed
MultiSteril Fast revolutionises the role of the operator who takes care of the sterilisation cycle, whose only task is to introduce the instruments in the basin and remove them at the end of the cycle. There are no operative responsibilities and no risks; the process is automatic and controlled. The operator is not directly involved and, therefore, can have much more time to spend in other more profitable tasks for the surgery.
  • Improved instrument rotation and availability and greater working flexibility

No need to buy new instruments in order to make up for instrument unavailability due to long treatment times (as with all the other devices).

  • No human intervention

All the disinfection, cleansing, rinsing and drying steps are performed automatically, without human intervention; this permits to follow the protocols correctly and to avoid negligence or operative mistakes.

  • No contamination risks

Since neither handing, nor transfer of infected instruments and materials are involved, there are no risks of accidents at work, because all the procedures are automatically managed by MultiSteril Fast according to preset sequences which do not involve the operator in any way.

  • Time saving

Today, all the steps of the sterilisation cycle are carried out manually by the operator, who spends a great deal of time in performing all the protocols. MultiSteril Fast does not require operator intervention; every step is automatic and cycle times are halved.

  • Great cost saving

The whole process does not require the continuous presence of an operator, the management of the liquids used is automatic and there is no need to carry out cleaning and disinfection at the end of the cycle, with a great reduction of total time and costs.

  • Perfect management of all the operative steps

You can be totally sure that the protocol is followed in an absolutely correct way, with a repeatable, consistent quality.

  • Assistants’ use of time

Assistants spend a lot of time in the preparation phase for instrument sterilisation, because of multiple and complex manual procedures. Multisteril is completely automatic.

  • Spaces

Space is another important problem. In fact, sterilisation rooms are often small; so, space rationalisation is very valuable. Multisteril does everything in a 40 cm space.



MultiSteril Fast features technology and innovation.
We were the first in the world to develop this extraordinary device, and today we are the first to transform it into the fastest, safest and qualitatively best system available.

The MultiSteril system has been tested to obtain the maximum efficiency in disinfection and cleansing. This extraordinary result can be reached with the use of MultiSteril CD, the specific liquid disinfectant which is an integral part of the product and the only liquid disinfectant specifically tested for this equipment. The use of other liquid disinfectants does not guarantee high levels of bacterial load reduction, proper instrument cleansing and good drying, besides safeguarding treated materials.
Therefore, this tested liquid disinfectant is the only one recommended.

MultiSteril Fast only requires electrical and water supply connections. The device is already equipped with a special built-in container for the liquid disinfectant, which is automatically dosed by the device (at 1% concentration).
MultiSteril Fast comes complete with accessories:
• Stainless steel instrument basket
• Steel beaker for burs and other small instruments
• Connection tubes
• Basin filters

It can be supplied with a special tray holder for standard and surgical trays



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