Art. 2200S
Multifunction basin


Tecno-Gaz S.p.A. has created a new, revolutionary device which automatically carries out all the principal preparation phases for the sterilisation cycle, such as disinfection, cleansing, rinsing, drying, with no human intervention, no professional risk and with a reduction in overall time.
A unique device, indispensable for every sterilisation facility.

Assistants’ use of time
Assistants spend a lot of time in the preparation phase for instrument sterilisation, because of multiple and complex manual procedures.
Multisteril is completely automatic.

Risk factor
The manipulation of instruments and/or potentially infectious materials is a very important factor and must be strictly controlled, both for operators’ protection and the person(s) legally responsible for the surgery.
Multisteril eliminates any risk.

Management protocol
Sterilisation is ensured only if there is a correct procedure of material preparation.
Multisteril performs all the cycles correctly.

Space is another important problem. In fact, sterilisation rooms are often small; so, space rationalisation is very valuable.
Multisteril does everything in a 40 cm space.

Total costs
Cost is an important factor which must be kept under control.
With Multisteril, every cycle costs about 2 Euros.





Phases of the Process





Technical Data