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Orion Tech DS
Surgical light

Designed for dental use

Orion Tech integrates the patented technique of indirect lighting. 30 inverted LEDs light 30 single domes, which offer maximum scialytic effect and guarantee an incredible illumination of the back of the mouth even in the presence of instruments. This unique technique permits working in a standing position under the light, with illumination of the oral cavity.

Orion Tech DS

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Why use a surgical light?

illumination must transmit precise information about the working area to the surgeon, while ensuring maximum eye protection. Orion Tech unique technology can obtain these 2 purposes.

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This function lights two 6 LED modules, producing a 19x12 cm illuminated field of 60.000 lux light intensity.


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Double joint anti-swinging system.

A single very steady arm maintains its position without swinging. The unique, easy Orion Tech manoeuvrability of the single joint model is easily converted to the double joint model, offering maximum visibility for all operators involved in 4/6 hand work.


Orion Tech: the evolution of the species

Designed to meet the requirements of the implantologist.

Orion Tech is a surgical light developed specifically for dentistry, thanks to the features tailored to the dentist’s needs: at 70 cm, the rectangular illuminated field of 19 x 12 cm offers a light intensity from 0 to 60.000 lux with two colour temperatures of 4.500°K or 5.000°K. Orion Tech is a multifunctional light which can vary the size of the illuminated field, giving the possibility of switching from the dental field (19x12 cm) to the surgical field (27 cm, circular) with a simple click. Even the surgical field permits operation at double colour temperature of 4.500°K or 5.000°K and a light intensity from 40.000 to 130.000 lux.

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Illuminated field

19x12 cm rectangular field: light intensity from 0 to 60.000 lux at 70 cm distance. 27 cm circular field: light intensity from 40.000 to 60.000 lux at 100 cm distance.

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Cold light

Thermal irradiation increase in the working area is proportional to the number and power of the LEDs used. Thanks to the indirect light principle, Tecno-Gaz uses the lowest LED number with cold light.

Orion Tech DS


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Orion Tech DS range

A wide range, to meet the requirements of all professionals.


Column model

High mobility for a lamp that offers great visual performance. It can be easily placed in any dental room without the need for wall interventions.

Versione a pavimento

Versione a soffitto

Ceiling model

No obstacles on the ground and no lateral impediments, the ceiling version guarantees that you always have a unique lighting device at hand.



Ceiling model with double light

The ultimate in surgical lighting, the possibility of to have two lighting fields in a single device, with all the advantages of the ceiling version.

Versione a soffitto con doppia lampada

Versione a soffitto con braccio multimediale e connettore universale per videocamera

Ceiling model with multimedia arm and universal camera connector

For the advanced professional who wants to offer a unique and immersive service to his client. This ceiling lamp could be your ally in marketing!