Unika Plus - Tecno-Gaz industries
Art. 2045-S-2
Instrument drying device

Unika Plus


Tecno-Gaz, constantly aware of growing operating needs, has produced a unique and extremely rational mechanical device for drying materials to be sterilised.

This device allows for the compulsory drying of instruments and avoids instrument handling (especially sharp ones).

UNIKA is simple, rational and very fast. It guarantees excellent drying, so preventing any possibility of corrosion and white marks on the instruments.

UNIKA is an indispensable, very useful device for the preparation of instruments and to prevent the operators from being pricked or cut. The average time required for good drying is only about four minutes.


Unika features

- Entirely made of stainless steel
- Equipped with double convector to convey hot air into the drying chamber
- Special tray supplied with the device
- Timer


Technical Features


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