Artica 1 - Tecno-Gaz industries
Art. 2086-S-3
Disinfection basin with plastic basket

Artica 1



Disinfection basins are not technological products, so it would have been simple to produce the traditional containers for liquids.
Tecno-Gaz, however, decided to conduct a true research and development project on them; the result was really satisfactory, since the ARTICA decontamination and disinfection basins have unique features which guarantee simple, rational and above all safe use.

The ARTICA basins are made of a special plastic, compatible with chemical liquids. The shape of the bottom allows for suspension of the instrument container, so preventing contact of the instruments with deposits on the bottom of the basin.

The ARTICA basins have:

- Fully removable lid, allowing for the liquid to be changed easily and quickly
- Partial lid, allowing instruments to be inserted without the need to open the basin completely, so preventing the escape of odours and fumes
- Support with mechanical timer, allowing instrument permanence in the basin to be programmed and checked, ensuring that the disinfection process is completed correctly
- Internal basket made of plastic or, on request, of stainless steel.


Technical Features